Metal Roofing Services


Since 2000, Home Remedy Construction LLC and our Brighton area roofing contractors have been providing a wide range of highly quality Roofing Services to the local community. Our professionals have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to help you with all your roofing needs.

Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry for many reasons. These materials can be used to make absolutely gorgeous roofing surfaces that will provide your property with protection for the longest time period possible

Benefits of Metal Roofing

The primary benefit that you will receive when you install metal roofing on your Brighton property is longevity. The main function of your roof is to provide protection against water damage, especially during adverse weather conditions. This roofing material is the best at providing protection for the longest period possible. Manufacturers routinely offer warranties up to 50 years! As such, metal roofs can last any where from two to four times as long as traditional shingle roofs.Because this roofing is so durable, you can avoid one or two roof replacements during the service life of your metal roof. As such, during the long-term, this roofing material adds substantial value to your property while saving you the time and expense of costly roof replacements. Here are just a few other benefits that you will realize when you install a metal roof on your Brighton home:

Metal Roofing Options

One reason people often overlook using metal roofing is because they think that these materials are only available in a standard corrugated panel design. However, as the roofing industry has become more widespread, the material and design options have multiplied tremendously. Metal roofing is now available in and number of textures and finishes that can mimic shingles and tiles.

  • Superior Wind Resistance
  • Fire Retardant Surface
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Lightweight design
  • Recycled Material
  • And More

Copper Roofing Services


Copper roofing is extremely distinctive and beautiful. The appearance of your copper roofing can evolve over time as it develops a patina. Your property will surely stand out among those of your neighbors. Your cooper roofing system will surely add to the curb appeal and, therefore, the value of your home or business. In addition to architectural aesthetics, copper roofing is also a major advantage for other reasons. One, copper roofing is extremely durable. The average lifespan of one of these roofing systems is around 50 years, especially if it is properly installed and maintained by an experienced roofing contractor. Copper roofing can stand up to the harshest weather conditions of any Michigan winter. 

copper roofing is lighter than other traditional roofing materials. As such, it does not put extra stress on the internal structures of your building. In this way, your new copper roofing system will always provide your property with the highest level of protection.Lastly, cooper roofing is extremely environmentally friendly. It adds to the energy efficiency of your home by reflecting rather than absorbing solar radiation. In addition, copper roofing does not give off chemical fumes over its life span.